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06-06-2018, 09:48 AM
RE: Recommend an Op-Ed piece
Paranoia and the post-modern right.

In contrast to the optimistic rhetoric and imagery of neoliberal politicians such as Bill Clinton and Emmanuel Macron, the post-modern right is defined by antagonism. The message of the post-modern right, a growing phenomenon in North America and Europe, is remarkably consistent across continents, as is their paranoia of their enemies: the unlikely alliance of financial and cosmopolitan elites, the mainstream press, and immigrants bent on destroying national identities.

In March, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban ominously declared that Europe was “under invasion” by immigrants and warned that “countries that don’t stop immigration will be lost.” Orban peddles the theory that American-Hungarian magnate George Soros is conspiring with the UN to open Hungary’s borders to immigrants. Marine Le Pen, reading the same playbook, proposed to “expel foreigners who preach hatred on our soil” and positioned herself as the sole candidate brave enough to stand against “la caste”; an apparent admixture of pro-EU political elites and the press. Finally, in another hemisphere, we see the hyperbolic, anti-immigration rhetoric of Donald Trump, whose Twitter feed continues to spew invective against the alliance of his political opponents, the news media, and his own justice department. Why this post-modern conservatism is characterized by this paranoid rhetoric is a crucial question for progressive thinkers today.

We argue that the paranoia expressed by post-modern conservatives is the symptom of a collective anxiety in an increasingly global society. The paranoia expressed by post-modern conservatives is often directed against a nefarious alliance bent on their destruction, an amorphous enemy against which they have no recourse. The character of post-modern right wing paranoia is such that the world of “others,” which includes everyone from elites to terrorists, is conspiring to dismantle the paranoiac’s world. This world of cultural tradition, stability, and order—and the identity at home within it—must be defended at all costs. [...]

The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.

Mikhail Bakunin.
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