Recovering Jehovahs Witness
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08-07-2013, 02:14 PM
RE: Recovering Jehovahs Witness
(08-07-2013 10:16 AM)cheapthrillseaker Wrote:  
(08-07-2013 09:56 AM)My little DJ in training Wrote:  I was waiting for you to comment on here. ;D

Awwww thanks, LH. Tongue

You are quite welcome! Big Grin Heart

Occasional TTA returner then leaverer.
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08-07-2013, 06:39 PM
RE: Recovering Jehovahs Witness
(08-07-2013 01:15 AM)Scully Wrote:  I know this thread hasn't had much attention in a while, but JWs have a doctrine that's not talked about very much anymore called Theocratic War Strategy. Basically what it means is that you are not required to divulge truthful information to someone who isn't entitled to it. Are the Elders really entitled to know your personal business? I don't think so. Their so-called authority only extends as far as you permit it. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will lie their faces off to protect the WTS or themselves, so just give them exactly what they deserve: nothing.

Here's a scan of the WTS's tome called Insight on the Scriptures, under the heading "LIE" - I've highlighted the interesting section that I refer to in my prior post. The section also makes reference to "Theocratic War Strategy".

[Image: LIE-InsightV2-1.jpg]

. . . all the gods were stories we told the children to make them behave. ~ Thoros of Myr (Game of Thrones, Episode 3:06)
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