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25-10-2017, 02:58 PM
RE: Regrets
(25-10-2017 12:20 PM)Miscellaniac Wrote:  
(19-10-2017 07:48 AM)Dom Wrote:  Not rationally, no. I was a better boss than most, a better friend than most, and I didn't go for revenge after her transgressions.

Emotionally is another story though. She did play a substantial role in a significant part of my life. And a part of me still loves her, faults and all.

Those emotions will take you out every time.

I had to cut my moms ex-husband and my adopted father out of my life because he was a predator, but didn't show that side of himself to us till I was 18 or 19. So for 17 years this man raised me, and provided the stability I needed for a rather lovely childhood, and then burned it all down by preying on me and my little sister (his biological daughter no less.) My mom tells me he's had to have a pacemaker put in so his health is declining. I'm worried I'll have regrets for never speaking to him again after he dies and I'm still sad and angry that things happened the way they did, and it's fucked up that I'm sad and angry about it all.

I'm sorry you're going through this pain. Being a human hurts sometimes. :hugs:

That's a tough nut to crack. It sucks super hard when it's immediate family. He could still live a long time with a pace maker.

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