Religion=Science, Science=Religion
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26-10-2012, 10:12 PM (This post was last modified: 26-10-2012 10:25 PM by fstratzero.)
RE: Religion=Science, Science=Religion
Science and religion are compatible to a point. When they meet that point one must ask do religious story x match with the data produced by science.

Once you find an answer to that question you'll come to realize that science overrides religion.

"If the ignorance of nature gave birth to such a variety of gods, the knowledge of this nature is calculated to destroy them." - Paul-Henri Thiry

Here is some perspective.

And the bible!

Member of the Cult of Reason

The atheist is a man who destroys the imaginary things which afflict the human race, and so leads men back to nature, to experience and to reason.
-Baron d'Holbach-
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