Religion and Reason
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22-06-2011, 02:08 PM
RE: Religion and Reason
(22-06-2011 02:34 AM)daemonowner Wrote:  "How many believe that religion and reason are incompatible?"

I don't believe religion and reason are incompatible, however it is my experience that when reason is applied to ones religious convictions with the goal of finding what is true, one doesn't stay religious for long.

I've had this said to me by an uncle of mine, who happens to be a member of the Order of Malta: "I am skeptical when it comes to most things but not when it comes to religion. I just can't conceive myself being skeptical about it." He is more open-minded than the average religious person (he is neutral about gay marriage, in favor of birth control, and doesn't seem to mind that I'm an atheist, just to give you an idea), but he can't bring himself to question that "God loves us all and I can feel it".

The God excuse: the last refuge of a man with no answers and no argument. "God did it." Anything we can't describe must have come from God. - George Carlin

Whenever I'm asked "What if you're wrong?", I always show the asker this video: Screw Pascal's wager.
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22-06-2011, 02:45 PM
RE: Religion and Reason
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(22-06-2011 11:51 AM)NotSoVacuous Wrote:  
(21-06-2011 11:52 AM)Ghost Wrote:  Peace and Love and Empathy,

Something about why/how you do this EVERYTIME makes me like you less, I don't know why.
Now that purple part bothers me... Undecided

People being friendly and other people don't liking it without reasons given... hmmm
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Agnostic atheist
Secular humanist
Emotional rationalist
Disclaimer: Don’t mix the personal opinion above with the absolute and objective truth. Remember to think for yourself. Thank you.
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