Religion and/or Politics
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04-08-2016, 06:16 AM
RE: Religion and/or Politics
Let me rephrase the question ---

Who are you going to be more like ---

Someone of your own religious beliefs -
Someone of your own political beliefs??


I'm a double atheist. I don't believe in your god or your politician.
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04-08-2016, 06:32 AM
RE: Religion and/or Politics
You cannot force any religion out of existence and it will always seek to influence public policy unfortunately. The only pragmatic thing that can be done is what the founders set up in the anti monopoly concept of no favoritism or social pecking orders setting up a religious litmus test.

What should matter first are wallet issues, the rest is personal opinion, and all parties involved are better served leaving their religions at the door when creating law. What separates the west from the east is that we have learned to a much greater degree, no matter how imperfect, to keep theocracy at bay.

There is only one party to blame for our exploding pay gap and 36 year decline in favor of corporate welfare. Our right wing religious have shacked up with the 1% and know that dividing the lower classes on religious and social issues allows them to protect failed trickle up economics.

Poetry by Brian37(poems by an atheist) Also on Facebook as BrianJames Rational Poet and Twitter Brianrrs37
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04-08-2016, 06:55 AM
RE: Religion and/or Politics

I have no religious or party associations.

[Image: dobie.png]Science is the process we've designed to be responsible for generating our best guess as to what the fuck is going on. Girly Man
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04-08-2016, 06:56 AM
RE: Religion and/or Politics
Being Irish, religion and politics were always intertwined. I was born a Catholic and it was drilled into us that Protestants were evil etc.... so I grew up hating Protestants and they hated us. In my teenage years I was more influenced by politics i.e. the war against the Brits. "Hating" the Brits at that time was made a lot easier as Margaret Thatcher was the British prime minister.

These days I'm more relaxed and basically, I don't give a fuck. Ok, on my recent trip up North I still got a bit pissed off whan driving through villages that had Union Jacks flying from every lamp post Dodgy. Also, I'm no longer plotting my revenge against certain Christian Brothers...Tongue They're probably long dead anyway.

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself” ― José Martí
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04-08-2016, 09:06 AM
RE: Religion and/or Politics
(04-08-2016 06:32 AM)Brian37 Wrote:  You cannot force any religion out of existence [...]

Not the case in Australia.

• A Roy Morgan survey in late 2013 found that 52.6% of Australians were Christian, while 37.6% had no religion.

• A study by Melbourne's Monash University, the Australian Catholic University, and the Christian Research Association found that 52% of Australians born between 1976 and 1990 had no belief in a god.

• A 2008 Gallup poll found nearly 70% of Australians stated religion as having no importance.

• A 2011 survey by McCrindle Research found that for 82% of Australians, Christmas is predominantly secular—46% of respondents said the highlights of Christmas were celebrations with family and friends and 36% said gift giving, Christmas trees and the general Christmas spirit. Only 15% cited attending religious services, carol singing and nativity plays.

• In 2008 an Intelligence Squared debate on the topic "We Would Be Better Off Without Religion" ended with 54% of the audience for the motion, and a follow up poll in The Sydney Morning Herald found 81% (!) for a similar motion. A 2012 TV poll on Q&A found 76% of viewers say that religious belief does not "make the world a better place".

I'm a creationist... I believe that man created God.
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06-08-2016, 08:28 AM
RE: Religion and/or Politics
(03-08-2016 05:48 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  I'm convinced that two groups are major in shaping what a person is, or will become -- those they associate with by choice - - in either politics or religion.

Which do you think is more likely to shape who you are?

It's hard to say. On a similar thought, I've wondered if a person's religious/political views impact who they are more, or if who they are influences their religious/political views.

I'm sure the actual answer is something like "Both, one more or less than the other, depending on the person". I can see instances in my own life where one seemed to influence the other more.

You can see it in history, too. America has been anti-LBGT for a long time, because of Christianity, but now, with opinions changing, American Christianity is becoming more pro-LBGT.
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