Religion at it's best (aka worst)
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12-03-2014, 08:22 PM
Religion at it's best (aka worst)
Apparently in Judaism a couple most both agree to a divorce before it can happen (the man must offer and the woman must accept). This can lead to one spouse (usually the man) effectively holding the other one hostage. A couple can be separated but until they are officially divorced they cannot see other people or they risk being shunned by their community as an adulterer.

According to this BBC report on the subject campaigners are fighting for two additional powers to help force husbands who refuse to grant a divorce to comply. Currently a man refusing to grant a divorce in Israel can have his driving licence revoked, his cards cancelled, be fined, and even imprisoned, until he complies with the Jewish court that has decreed he must grant a divorce. The additional powers proposed are to restrict the husband's privileges in prison and to make it a full criminal offence so that husband's who leave the country can be subject to extradition (currently there is little a Jewish court can do to a man residing outside Israel).

This all highlights one of the biggest dangers of religion. It takes an outdated (and in some cases ridiculous) principle and sets it in stone. Secular laws can be adjusted and changed as society develops. Religious laws come from God making them far harder to change (since there is no reason for a supposedly omniscient being to change it's mind), even when they are ideals from the dark ages and before that have no place in modern society. This is why the Jewish courts are taking such ridiculous and roundabout measures instead of simply allowing people to apply for a divorce without their spouse's consent!

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