Religion in the Matrix - Neo is basically Jesus
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13-02-2013, 12:35 AM
Religion in the Matrix - Neo is basically Jesus
I'm watching the Matrix Trilogy and realizing how chock full of religious references it is. I saw a documentary on it, about the Zion dance... orgy... being similar to tantric religion and yada yada but specifically, the Matrix has tons of Christians references.

I began to list the things I noticed, but found an article at that had a pretty good list already.

"First, let's review some of the obvious Christian symbols that appear in the film. The main character, played by Keanu Reeves, is named Thomas Anderson: the first name Thomas may be an allusion to the Doubting Thomas of the gospels, while etymologically Anderson means "son of man," a title used by Jesus in reference to himself.

Another character, Choi, says to him "Hallelujah. You're my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ." A plate in Morpheus's ship Nebuchadnezzar bears the inscription "Mark III No. 11," a probable allusion to the Bible: Mark 3:11 reads, "Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and shouted, 'You are the Son of God!'"

Anderson's hacker alias Neo is an anagram for the One, a title which is used in the film to refer to Keanu Reeves' character. He is The One who is prophesied to liberate humanity from the chains that imprison them in their computer-generated illusion. First, however, he has to die - and he is killed in room 303. But, after 72 seconds (analogous to 3 days), Neo rises again. Soon thereafter, he also ascends up into the heavens. The first movie itself happened to be released on Easter weekend, 1999.

Christian references go far beyond the character of Neo, of course. The last human city is Zion, a reference to Jerusalem - a city holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Neo falls in love with Trinity, a reference to the Trinity of Christianity. Neo is betrayed by Cypher, someone who prefers hedonistic illusions where he has power over the drab reality he was awakened to. "

Back to me and other things I noticed.

There is also The Oracle - a prophet who can foresee the future and guide the One on his path.
Neo gets off the elevator and the civilians are waiting for his blessings, bearing gifts.
The counselor tells Neo that everything has a purpose, whether we understand it or not.
Link (the new driver) wears a rosary type religious necklace at his wife's request.
The protector of the Oracle is an asian man named Seraph, which are basically types of angels.
One of the ships is named Icarus of Greek mythology, another is named the Logos - a term that is associated with religion and the word of God.
The Merovingian's wife is named Persephone, which is the daughter of Zeus (it's not all Christianity).

Here's the highlights of the documentary I mentioned.

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13-02-2013, 02:02 AM
RE: Religion in the Matrix - Neo is basically Jesus
I'm shocked you're just finding this out Tongue.

But really, the only reason i noticed so severely, is the oracle and everyone referring to neo as "The One"

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13-02-2013, 03:07 PM
RE: Religion in the Matrix - Neo is basically Jesus
C'mon, there is much talk about faith, believing, having faith, believing even more, then all the talk with Oracle... There is very little proof for anything in the movie, they are all taking leaps of faith all the time. Then Neo (One) starts to super-turbo-believe and he gets super-turbo real powers. I mean, fuck. I loved the first movie, with all it's secrecy and new ideas, but then they have completely gone crazy with the last two movies. The story should have ended with the first movie, then it would have been great, this way it is just full of epic fights and god talk. The Architect, Oracle, The One... Seriously. I think that the world made out of machines would have less faith in it.

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13-02-2013, 09:28 PM
RE: Religion in the Matrix - Neo is basically Jesus
A ton of good stories have prominent gods, or god-like figures in them, be it Neo, Zeus, The Christian God, or Superman...well okay, Superman kinda sucks, but you get my point. If stories ain't about someone or something having superpowers it's usually about how good or bad humans are. Anyway, you can play this 'god game' with shit tons of stories, it's because all our good stories are very old ones. We just find new ways of retelling them and updating them.

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15-02-2013, 04:47 AM
RE: Religion in the Matrix - Neo is basically Jesus
[Image: 031705397.jpeg]

I got this book as a present from my aunt back when I was still in high school, in the time before Reloaded and Revelations. Reading this book beforehand left me even more disappointed after seeing those movies, because this book had extrapolated the premise of the first book into philosophy and then seeks to take it apart and examine the pieces in detail. Regardless of the subsequent plot holes stemming from a movie that never intended to have sequels, the Jesus motive seems shallow in comparison to what I read in this book. Was an even better read when I picked it up again in college. Is it the most comprehensive or deepest look at the movies? I have no idea, but it was interesting read for a layman like myself.

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