Religion's Persona Without the Religion
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11-05-2015, 12:27 AM
Religion's Persona Without the Religion
Poring through these threads I see that many of us struggle to concretely identify religion's persona.

Just kidding. Big Grin

Nonetheless, reading the dialogue between visiting theists and the TTA regulars virtually always reminds me of the character "Cigaret" in the railroad classic by Robert Aldrich: "Emperor of the North" - the theists, of course, the ones who so strongly evoke the association. Keith Carradine's portrayal of "Cigaret" is nails scraped on chalkboard accurate.

Netflix it, cook up a big box of popcorn and check it out, as Joe Bob at the Drive-in says, and see if Cigaret isn't the very essence of religion - without the confusion of any actual religion muddying up the clarity of the image.

This in no way, by the way, means I think the Lee Marvin character represents the best of TTA.

Well, most of them anyway. Tongue

And Borgnine is god, but everyone already knows that, even without this film.
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