Religion's deathbed: Some thoughts on Christianity's changing social role in the West
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27-01-2013, 09:39 PM
RE: Religion's deathbed:(...)
(27-01-2013 04:47 PM)Tartarus Sauce Wrote:  While assimilation may be the first phase in a very long process of fizzling out, I don't think that referring to religions as a whole as "dying" is the correct way of describing what is happening. Its influence is most certainly receding, but even within the system of gesellschaft, religion CAN spread just as easily as any other idea. So what is happening to religion in the Western world then?

From my perspective, it is being relocated from being the dominant force in the public sphere to just another aspect of the private sphere.
Religion will be successfully confined to the private sphere where it is free to do whatever it wants, and, in time, perhaps religion as a whole will only remain in bits and fragments.
Fundamentalist resistance to relocating religion to the private sphere and therefore cutting off all means of forced imposition is where the death rattle is. Yes, it is an extremely long and drawn out one, but so are many a reactionary group's activities.
Religions retreat to the private sphere is also a strength for them IMO. By its very nature it will become a private matter (except for within the religious groups), and therefore also easier to defend, since by questioning it you´ll intrude upon others private life - that´s the effect in Denmark anyway.

As a religious person I enjoy that development; radical idiots are afforded less voice and secular power while moderates have a safe-haven for their religion (as long as they keep it there).
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