Required Oline Connections
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07-06-2012, 08:44 PM
RE: Required Oline Connections
You guys know you're the minority right?
Most people have internet, and most people have access to internet when they play video games.

It's to stop pirating. It really is the only way to stop pirating, needing to log into an online account.
And when you consider the effort put into making these games, as well as the financial expense, then it is understandable that you want to profit from your effort. How would any of you like to go to your day job and work for 2 weeks only not to get paid. (depending on your job you might not care, but still, you gotta pay bills...)

The idea of things like Steam or the battlefield one whatever that one is, and battlenet and stuff, all these clients required to play these games, is a marketing thing. If you're online playing and your friends are too, you might finish playing whatever and are about to get off but then your friend PMs you, "come play XXX" so it keeps you using their service. Peer pressure. You can see what all your friends are playing so you go out and buy it etc.. all that marketing goodness.

@Lucradis, yeah i know what you mean but LAN and local things are a dying breed. Now you can just hook up a headset and still be able to talk and play with your friends after school without needing to actually be together in the same room. So the focus is online.
Just a note that PS3 has free accounts, ie: no xbox live sort of stuff. Well at least last time I checked. But I wouldn't go out and buy a PS3, new generation consoles are on their way.
As for co-op, you need to do a little bit of research, see which games allow 'guests'. Like you and another on the same xbox.
Halo I think but can't be 100% comes to mind.

Anyway, times are changing. Everything is online nowadays. You might not like it but there's no point bitching about it because that's how it is and will continue to be. Internet is progressing, saw an article on the news the other day about some internet that does 300mb/s download. 300mb/s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God fucking damn!! that is fast.
And with faster internet it becomes far far easier to online game (coming from New Zealand, a world away from anyone with a gaming console (this country sucks like that) and having to connect to USA for most things with like 300+ ping, I can tell you that I pay close attention to internet speeds), and to do things online like stream movies etc..

tl;dr it's the future baby.
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07-06-2012, 10:12 PM
RE: Required Oline Connections
Heh. My internet doesnt even make it it 5mb/s let alone 15...

Under Repair.
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