Research for my book
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02-12-2012, 02:09 AM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2012 02:12 AM by Mark Fulton.)
RE: Research for my book
(01-12-2012 06:16 PM)Leela Wrote:  I recently decided to write a book. Yes I did that many times before. But the times before were all made up stories and I had to accept that I am not a good fiction author.
But I am a pretty good writer when it comes to real stuff, things that really happen or happened. Right now I am writing for a living and my clients are very happy with me. Feedback I get from my clients is usually that my style is very good and the articles are well researched, etc. Basically this was the last thing I needed. I needed feedback from someone who can very well just decide to not hire me again. I needed to hear from a person that is not my friend and not dependend on me, that my writing is good. And that is what I got several times now, so I would like to give it a try.

The book will be about me leaving Christianity and later on leaving witchcraft.
A few things will of course be included:
- How did I leave
- Reasons that made me leave
- Some background on my live to explain connections etc

I do not want to give Christianity a big focus as it was not a big part of my live really.
I would rather focus on witchcraft, as this is what was in me for the majority of my live.

But I am not sure what someone would like to know specifically.
You guys are a bunch of international thinkers and that is why I chose to ask you guys:
>> What are things that you would expect to learn from a book like that? Are there any specific points that you always wanted to know?
Somewhere in this forum someone asked why witches keep doing their rituals if they never work... Things like that or more specific things?

(Yes, I will write the book in English. Yes, I will mention this forum and probably some members but under alias names.)

Please let me know, I'd appreciate any input.
Hi Leela, I've just spent 7 years in my spare time researching and then writing a book on the history of Christianity.

If you are going to write YOUR story, then it won't be as massive an undertaking as what I've tried to do, but perhaps

if I share my experience with you you will learn something.

There's millions of books out there. If you want to sell yours, you have to be unique. So you need to know what's out there, and write something completely different. Do your research first. Know who your market is.

Realize that you may write a fabulous book, but it won't necessarily sell. (I'm not suggesting mine is fabulous, or that it won't sell). You need to find out about marketing, websites, self publishing etc etc. You are going to need to spend thousands of dollars to do it properly. That's tiring and very daunting.

As a first time author, it's a long and lonely road. You will be plagued by self doubt. You will ask friends for help, and most won't oblige LOL. Your writing will probably compromise your interpersonal relationships...unless you're very careful.

Your first 20 drafts will be crap, and it'll take you a while to realize it. You will likely spend months trying to reduce your wordiness, and it will still be too wordy.Your final draft may be crap's hard to know after after you've lived with your own words for so long, and , as you know, it's hard to get frank opinions from people

Some people will delight in putting you down, and rubbishing what you have to say. What may be worse is that most people will just ignore you.

Everyone is so busy...and there is so much information out there. You will be just another name in a list of thousands.

You will make what you think are fantastic observations, yet if you don't put them on paper properly, they'll have no impact.

There is an easy alternative...just don't do it LOL. There are lots of other, easier ways to find meaning and happiness.

IF you do start it, I will help you by doing some editing, and being honest with you. I'm not pretending I'm William Shakespeare, but I have some idea, and I'll do it for free. Regards, Mark
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