Richard Stuckmeyer - some verses for you
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30-01-2013, 06:19 PM
RE: Richard Stuckmeyer - some verses for you
(30-01-2013 04:54 PM)kingschosen Wrote:  
(30-01-2013 04:49 PM)Richard Stuckmeyer Wrote:  Oh no KC, are you Christian? I've forgotten and I dont have the union list here? Why on earth would you try to defend Christians on an atheist site? Seriously, you dont know that atheists dont give one crap about how nice you are? They HATE Christians....let me say it again....THEY HATE CHIRSTIANS. They may act nice to you but thats just a ploy to suck you into their discussions so they can ridicule you. God bless you and your naivete. Keep fighting if you wish but you are fighting a useless fight. The atheists are NOT going to convert.
You have been told this multiple times. We've discussed this multiple times. We've had PMs discussing this...

And no, atheists do not hate Christians. I would be hard pressed to find an atheist on this site that actually "hates".

They do not agree with Christianity or they think it's crazy, but they certainly do not hate Christians. Atheists are no different from you and me... they are still people... they just believe differently. To accuse people of hate with no evidence is despicable.
KC, I'm sorry I'm making you mad about you being a Christian but all I can say is MENTAL DEFICIENCY. Can you say that? Maybe if you had one or knew someone that did you could understand how the brain backfires.
Lmao, god bless you KC, you are so naive. You keep thinking that. I love you. BTW, I have plenty of evidence.
Let me ask you this KC: If they are such nice people that just dont happen to believe in God, why do they do everything they can to discredit God and Christians? Why do they go to Christian forums, chat rooms and other sites and castigate them. Rudely cursing, insulting, ridiculing, disparaging, flaming and trolling them?
If they just dont believe in God why do they even care what Christians believe? What skin is it off their noses? You are aware of what God said about them in the Bible right? About leaving them to their own delusions? God knows atheists very well, you can never convert them and they hate you and God, so what's the point? Wouldnt a nice guy like you be better served in a Christian forum, where truth seekers go?
Yeah, I know, I'm despicable. I like the way Sylvester the cat said it in the old cartoons.
God bless you KC.
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