Rogue One - Review
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17-12-2016, 12:38 PM
RE: Rogue One
Saw it liked it.

Only grumble as I kind of stated in the other thread about the movie was

Every one who's directly involved in the pretty much spur of the moment schemes, dies... seemingly because they aren't Jedi... or aren't going to bone a Jedi...

As a friend was walking out of the cinema they voiced the opinion that: "Oh... Disney made a Star Wars version of Suicide Squad.... only better..."

I Laugh out load at the idea. Big Grin
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17-12-2016, 01:05 PM
RE: Rogue One - Review
[Image: 2342.jpg]

[Image: MV5BOTE0MjI2NDczMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTgw...17_AL_.jpg]


My strategy of ignoring my problems until they disappear never seems to work out for me. ...I'll try to get around to dealing with that in the near future.
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17-12-2016, 07:59 PM (This post was last modified: 17-12-2016 08:06 PM by Aractus.)
RE: Rogue One - Review
(17-12-2016 10:07 AM)f stop Wrote:  According to IMDb Tarkin was played by actor Guy Henry. They do not follow the credit with (voice) as they do with James Earl Jones who voiced Darth Vader. They may have done some CGI on Henry's image but I doubt that since a good make-up job is probably less trouble.

You obviously haven't seen it, or read anything about it such as here, here, here, here, or here. That first 2015 Guardian article though where they claim Peter Cushing never wore his boots in the original film though is completely wrong though as anyone who's actually seen Star Wars would know. And you will see here:

[Image: 6Bkf8Mg.jpg]

And here:

[Image: V8C7MaT.jpg]

Did he wear slippers when his feet were out of shot? Well if the boots made his feet hurt I imagine that would be true, but you can see that he does wear the boots in at least those two scenes.

Back on point, it is CGI. K-2SO was played by Alan Tudyk for motion-capture, but the droid is completely CGI - Guy Henry was used for Tarkin's motion-capture, but the character is completely CGI. What Lucas did in Episode III for the single shot where Tarkin appears was use an actor that resembled the likeness of Peter Cushing (Wayne Pygram). And even then he only showed him from a distance.

There is just nothing good I can say about the CGI Tarkin. Look if you had never seen a Star Wars movie, and had never seen Peter Cushing in an acting role, then perhaps you wouldn't be so offended by it as I was. However if that was the case then it would have been better to use a fresh actor anyway, rather than try to recreate a dead actor since you don't know what Tarkin is supposed to look like anyway.

The problem is not so much the life-like CGI that everyone seems to be praising. The problem is that the character doesn't have Cushing's flair or deliver anything even slightly resembling his performance and character. Vader had exactly the same problem. Why didn't they hire David Prowse to play Vader? Can you imagine if Lucas had hired someone other than Anthony Daniels to play C-3PO in the prequels?

Yes, they've been using CGI characters in films going all the way back to the Abyss. But when used to portray human characters I think there needs to be a strong justification for its use, and it needs to be used sparingly. Even if Peter Cushing had been alive to reprise his role, his character should only have appeared briefly, if it all, as in Episode III. With all the digital silliness that Lucas inserted in to the Star Wars saga, at least he never used CGI human characters!

I agree wholeheartedly with the following:

The film digitally resurrects actor Peter Cushing to play Grand Moff Tarkin. Cushing died in 1994, but his estate gave the production approval to use his likeness to bring back the character for the new movie. It’s a terrible miscalculation on the part of director Gareth Edwards; an attempt to be respectful that seriously backfires and makes the character a constant distraction rather than a vital piece of the story.
Rather than bring him in at the end (if he must be a part of the film at all) to replace Director Krennic, the movie positions Tarkin as a rival. While that does provide some illumination on Krennic’s career ambitions and what drives him as a character, the cost is far too great when digital Tarkin is so distracting.
This raises the question: if you’re going to have an actor provide the mo-capped performance as Tarkin, why not just recast the role? Audiences are sophisticated enough to understand that roles sometimes need to be recast. People didn’t flee the Harry Potter series en masse when Michael Gambon replaced the late Richard Harris as Dumbledore. Was it really impossible to find a severe, elderly British actor to play Tarkin?
Instead of just recasting the role and dodging the distraction, Rogue One creates a slippery slope where actors don’t die; they just get digitally inserted into new movies. It’s a move that caters to the worst OCD tendencies of fandom where any deviation is tantamount to a betrayal. And where does it end? Do we ever get to say goodbye to actors, or are they only an estate’s agreement and a VFX team away? And how important was their performance in the first place if it can simply be imitated by a mo-cap actor, a voice actor, and some animators? Digital resurrection doesn’t honor a late actor. It denigrates him.

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