Roman historian on Jesus
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10-08-2014, 08:26 PM
RE: Roman historian on Jesus
"This historian said this"...........Um look at the date first off, still after the fact so cannot be considered a first hand account.

Secondly, for example If I get my picture taken with Donald Trump does that mean he can fly around on a broom or shoot his own head off with a shotgun and regrow it?

The alleged "Historians" were hardly that, there is a difference between a collegiate scholastic historian and an apologist arguing for a position. Historians simply report, like a objective journalists. The after the fact outside sources of that time were looking for a hero and were sympathizers to the new movement.

But regardless even if we found the actual body and DNA of a man named Jesus, he would not be a god or a man/god, he merely would have been a man who started a new religion.

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