Rpg maker+ 1st chapter=author test drive????
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20-06-2016, 05:17 PM
Rpg maker+ 1st chapter=author test drive????
I actually had an idea. I want to do two first chapters of each one of my "book" and put them on steam via RPG Maker... what do you think....It would be a literal author test drive. there are just two problems... 1. I have never used rpg maker before for a project outside of a few hours... and 2... this will literally be a game.. any advice.. should I use Fiverr for the maps and game npcs/characters... what do you think of a project like this.. is it doable/ will it e accepted well if I, on the outset say it's not a game.

p.s. beside the art... should I do it myself...

p.s.s. ty for your time btw.....

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