Rules, regulations and politicians
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08-01-2017, 12:53 PM
RE: Rules, regulations and politicians
(08-01-2017 12:40 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  
(08-01-2017 12:30 PM)mordant Wrote:  I wonder sometimes why software development has eluded the usual bondage and discipline.

In the future all software will be written by robots in Estonia.
Lol. That's doubtless the dream. Fortunately it isn't that simple.

More and more software will be written by idiots and by itself but there's a hard stop upper limit to that because there's a need for the software to actually work correctly, be comprehensible and maintainable, etc.

I can't tell you how many times I've lost bids because I'm too expensive, and how many times those same prospects come back chastened, paying me even more $$ to clean up after their nephew hosed everything up while he was home from college for the summer. Or to fix the damage done by some mid level manager and computer enthusiast whose solutions won't scale and allowed a nasty virus to savage the entire company because he let his kid play on the office computer with an infected game one day.
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