Salutations from the South Shore of Massachusetts
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12-08-2011, 10:36 PM
Salutations from the South Shore of Massachusetts
My real name is Rob, but more often than not you'll see me using this name or a pseudonym, JayceR on the internet. I respond to all three, so no confusion there.

A polymath is a genius of encyclopedic learning who makes great changes to the world. Historical examples include Aristotle, Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Issac Asimov. Am I extremely conceited to compare myself to these Athena-like figures? Hell yes, hence Amateur. I have ambitions in life to have expertise in many fields, being essentially a modern Renaissance Man. I acknowledge that some of these goals are unrealistic, but I really have a passion for learning as of recent. I've been studying Calculus and Astronomy online, not bad for a 15-year old out of Freshman Year. I've been re-learning all the easily forgettable math through free educational websites like It won't get me into Harvard, but it is a help for me.

How about I tell you a little about myself... I'm a 15 year old teenage male going into sophomore year of High School. I'm probably not valedictorian material, but I'm somewhere around the top 10% as of now. I'm a musician, I've taken 2 years of Music theory classes, 3 years of Trumpet in Middle School before I quit band, 2 Years of Piano, and 2 Years of Guitar. The only athletic talent I have is in running, although I hate cross country. I'm currently reading books about finance and leadership. I love books... I was reading as early as 2 years old, but it's not like that's anything to be proud of. I speak alright Spanish, and I'm planning to learn Latin someday when I have the time. I am a very political guy, I'm a liberal Democrat, although the rest of my family are conservatives. In the future I hope to get degrees in political science and law from reputable colleges paid for by my father's assets (My dad appears to be middle class, but he's richer than he looks), and perhaps start a political career at the state level.

I became an atheist about 10 months ago, although I had doubts long before then. My dad taught me about politics 2 years ago, but from a very conservative angle. At first, I was a complete wingnut diehard who believed Obama was a socialist Muslim. (I was 13 years old, what did you expect?) I began to post on political forums online, although I made a complete embarrassment out of myself for parroting GOP talking points. Over time though, sane ideas began to permeate my wall of bias, first it was Abortion and Gay Marriage, then weed, and, eventually, I became a Libertarian. The Libertarian phase was short, although during this time I became a lot more open minded, and finally, I just changed sides altogether. My parents are bummed, but I feel no regret for doing so. I started to watch atheist YouTube channels, first TheAmazingAtheist, (Gotta start somewhere), then Darkmatter2525, then thunderf00t and many others. These channels didn't convert me completely, they were more like the final nail in the coffin to the part of me that still wanted to believe the Catholicism I grew up with. I started doubting Creation when I learned about evolution and genetics in 7th grade. Everything seemed to fit together, but I denied that in favor of the fantasy of heaven because I was too afraid of death and Hell. I even believed new age crap for a month, and tried all day to astrally project from a chair. It didn't work.

I believe that is all that needs to be said.
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