Satanism: Spells do work! (Omegle)
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31-07-2012, 02:33 AM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2012 02:56 AM by Vosur.)
Satanism: Spells do work! (Omegle)
I highly doubt that this guy actually represents the satanism community. Oh well, I could be wrong.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Omegle couldn't find anyone who shares interests with you, so this stranger is completely random. Try adding more interests!

Stranger: hello

You: hey

Stranger: whats up.k

Stranger: ?

You: Not much, what about yourself?

Stranger: nm running through spells

You: Spells?

Stranger: oh sorry lol im a satanist i do every so often gor practice

You: Interesting. Care to elaborate? I know little to nothing about Satanism

Stranger: ah well uve got ur white spells wich are healing friendd fsmily urself stuff like that and there are binding spells and black magic like destruction spells stuff like that

You: That doesn't work, though

Stranger: ud be suprised

Stranger: there is alot more in the world then we relize

You: Let me put it like that: There has yet to be a human proving that he is capable of doing something supernatural. There's a prize of one million US dollar for anyone who can do so

You: If you're certain that it works, you should attend there and earn the money

Stranger: y do u.think most people who can dont tell.people?

You: Because they're not capable of doing so

You: Magic tricks seem to be supernatural as well, yet they are nothing but imagery

Stranger: no bc they dont want to be used y

You: As I've said, you've told me about it, so you supposedly don't want to keep it secret

You: Thus you should step forward and earn yourself a million dollars

You: You won't have to work for the rest of your life

Stranger: no bc im not gonna be a tool for purposless reasons just to plz their.whim and.will

You: Nobody can use a millionaire as a tool

You: You'e the one who can make people your tool with so much money

Stranger: im certain there are people who.can try

Stranger: money is just power for.the greedy who hunger for needs that want to be met bc they feel like.they meed somethin when they dont

You: Technically, you can just give them the money back

Stranger: yes but think about it as soon as u show them.they will be on ur back like mo other asking for more

You: Probably yes, probably no. But I think you're able to understand why people like me don't believe it works when this prize has yet to be taken. Some people may think the same way you do, but others certainly need and want money

Stranger: they may need it but would rather have thwir dignity than momey

Stranger: money

You: Can't you have both?

Stranger: no bc as soon as u take the money u loose all dignity u have

You: Well, then don't take the money in the first place

You: Just show 'em what you can do

Stranger: thats what they want tho

Stranger: the money is set as a trap

You: A trap for what?

You: Well anyway, can you explain to me how the whole spell system works?

Stranger: its alot more.complicated then u think meditatuon and months of practice first

You: And after that?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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