Satanism: Spells do work! (Omegle)
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21-11-2012, 10:40 AM
RE: Satanism: Spells do work! (Omegle)
(31-07-2012 07:56 AM)bemore Wrote:  I know a satanist, nice normal guy. Made himself dissappear once in a mirror reflection..... and years later he told me how to do it (was an optical illusion)

Unfortunatly I dont believe in spells but that Omegle thing is pretty cool Smile

Magic works but on a psychological level and is generally for the practioner, I have had some unusual things happen after working magic but I keep them to myself because I cant explain them logically and most people will just tell me I imagined the results which is fine but not a good enough explanation for me.
LaVey calls Ritual-Greater Magic, well, thats fine, I really just think it should be called Ritual which is what it is but thats what he chose to call it and he created Satanism so thats his choice, who am I to correct him in other words? However, if asked by someone I would just say that I have rituals and I dont call it Greater Magic.
LaVey called Manipulation of people to get what we need/want Lesser magic, In a sense I can agree with that, I would just call it manipulation though unless its being done in a traditional magical way, like black magic, where you dance to raise energy and send out harmful vibrations hoping to cause someone harm and then its actually magic.
So as you can see, I am not blind in my devotion, I do question.....
Some experiences I have had that make me wonder...
I went into a friend's house that I had just recently met and I had a bad feeling when I went into her room, I told her I saw (in my head) this young girl being strangled to death by a man she kept calling Greg? she was then stabbed and thrown into a waterway and Pruitt was involved.
My friend said that her best friend in high school had been murdered-strangled and then stabbed by her boyfriend Craig and thrown into Mrs Pruitt's waterway behind her house.
Is it possible we are born with 6 senses instead of the popular belief in 5?
How about the time when I went into a Client's home to sell them a product and I told them I saw train tracks, later I said man -my chest hurts, then before I left I said, there is a red flower in your jewlrey box in the closet in the bedroom, give it to Hayley and tell her its from a girl named Sarah, she fell from a high place.
The man went to the closet and got the jewlrey box out, he pulled a red fake flower, his daughter Hailey came home just in that moment and he gave it to her, she told him that it had belonged to Sarah, her friend from Idaho, the one that had fallen off a bridge onto a set of train tracks, she had broken her ribs and had a broken neck.
and I have had numerous others. Coincidence? every single one? and its not a case of remembering the hits and ignoring the misses, I have had critical thinking skills implemented into my brain from my childhood, I actually keep a Journal of my experiences and I dont have misses often, Once in a while I will get a name wrong or an event but everything else around the name or event will match up.
Self deceit? To be determined. LaVey believed in ESP, I have been reading, Letters to the devil (The Book) and he talked a lot about ESP and Psychic ability and how we are all born with more senses and more brainpower than the average person is willing to entertain.
I once was sick for days on end and my parents were moving to NV and needed my help so they could move, i couldnt even get off the toilet all week-yeah a stomach virus, nasty, no good, I did a spell to allow me to be well that day they needed help and then I could go back to being sick. The day arrived and I was perfectly fine, I helped them move and the next day I was sick as a dog again.
Psychological? Placebo? Possibly.
I am not set in my ways, I am open to debate/discussion/alternative answers.
Yes, I know, Im rambling again!
Huh Exclamation Blush No
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