Saying "Grace" Before A Meal - A Bit Concited?
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04-11-2013, 09:45 AM
RE: Saying "Grace" Before A Meal - A Bit Concited?
(31-10-2013 11:55 AM)WindyCityJazz Wrote:  I've found the tradition of saying "Grace" before a meal to be quite conceited. You always hear this crap about "We need to thank God for providing us with this food. There are other people that are less fortunate that are starving in this world."

REALLY? The fact that there are other people starving in this world is your DEFENSE?! In other words, you're thanking God for making you one of the special ones and giving you food, while other people around the world are starving. Yet, you fail to understand how incredibly conceited that comes across?

In all honesty, if I had food and was next to a starving child I would rather give my food to them, and end up dying of starvation myself, than eat and allow that child to starve to death. Just my opinion, but according to these people I'm just an evil atheist, right?

I think it's pretty cool, because it helps to get off the insecurity of not being religious, but that's just me.
Just fun that some do and some don't based on their belief Big Grin
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