Saying the Pledge
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10-07-2010, 09:22 PM
Saying the Pledge
Hello, new member here.

As a member of my school's student council, I am required to lead my school in the Pledge of Allegiance once every so often via intercom. I have been on the student council for a few years, and this year I'll be going into eighth grade and graduating on to high school. I am so tired of being forced to say "under God," something that should never have been in the pledge (and wasn't until 1959, or so I recall). I was thinking that near the end of the school year I would recite the pledge as it was before 1959, without those words forced in, to protect my right to freedom of religion (or, in my case, lack thereof) as an American citizen, and to end my time there in a revolutionary way so that I will not be forgotten soon, and to stimulate discussion and new thought.
However, I am without doubt that it will also pose negative consequences. I wouldn't be surprised if I were expelled from student council as a consequence. The majority of the people at my school, students and faculty alike, ascribe to a religion of some sort, so it will probably be negatively received. In fact, as far as I know, I am the only atheist at my school (and indeed the only atheist I know personally).
So, I need your advice: should I say the pledge without the words "under God" or should I conform and drudgingly repeat the pledge as I have been forced to for so long? Oh, and by the way, my school teaches children as young as kindergarten, if it affects your decision making in any way.
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11-07-2010, 05:47 AM
RE: Saying the Pledge
i'd go with just say under god, less hassle. but then again i stopped caring to send out a message becuase no one ever listened to me. if they dont want to hear they will not hear it and you might get ostracized as thanks.

most likely people will just think you forgot them by mistake and think them in place and give you a slap on the wrist for screwing up. unless you make a big scene to show it was intentional.

and as a final note
religion can be seen as a practice so rituals like saying under god are needed to perpetuate it. to end religion you most stop its rituals or hollow out its meaning so that there is no divine association. to not say grace is a smal drop of water but it fills the bucket nonetheless.

in the end you must decide if your actions will have meaning or if you even want them to and the consequences you pay for them will be decided by your peers.
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11-07-2010, 08:53 AM
RE: Saying the Pledge
Trust me, at least in my school, nobody gives half a shit about the pledge. I wouldn't go for it. Protesting minor things like that all to make a minor point during a pledge that nobody listens to (at least in my high school), is silly. You'll just get into trouble, and nobody is going to be on your side.


You could skip "Under God" and just say you misread/accidentally skipped over those lines. Maybe they'll buy it.

I never say the pledge ever. I remain in my seat (unless our sub is a particularly nationalist teacher who doesn't understand its not mandated to bow down to the flag). I've tried protesting religion, and nobody is ever on your side. Not worth it, IMO.
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