"Science Can Explain Religion" says Vlogger
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24-08-2012, 12:30 AM (This post was last modified: 24-08-2012 12:54 AM by Free Thought.)
RE: "Science Can Explain Religion" says Vlogger
(23-08-2012 08:14 PM)Badbrew Wrote:  Your example seems to make more sense to me than the vlogger's explanation.

As far as I know, signals in the brain involve the transfer of chemicals and ions between neurons, but that's pretty much all I "know".

Personally, I would find it frightening if people could actually change the world by just thinking hard enough, as silly as that is... Thankfully though, people can't.

Oh thanks for reminding me! I've edited in the "current" now, so it might seem off, might now... feedback wound be nice, I'm talking to you readers!

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