Science as Poetry
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16-01-2013, 03:21 PM
Science as Poetry
I was writing an email to my Moslem friend. We have been debating evolution and i sent him a litle FB thing about how fingers and toes might have once wrinkled to help us grip wet rocks in water. He asked how could such a thing not have been designed by God. I started out to send a quick note suggesting he just go on youtube and search Evolution explained simply, then maybe watch some aron ra, after getting familiar with some basic terminology.

THEN, it being after midnight... I "Went there".... and for the first time let me heart pour out what it has meant to me to let go of the bindings of religion and open myself up to the beauty that is science.... I added this:

[font=verdana,sans-serif]MY POINT is, that
we cannot just dismiss the other side of an argument until we understand
the argument. When I hear someone say something like "I didn't come
from no monkey." or "if we came from apes, how come there are still
apes?", I know right away they have no idea how evolution is thought to

AN IMPORTANT CONCEPT put simply: Every creature every born was exactly
the same species as its parents! No cat ever gave birth to a dog. No
Sparrow ever gave birth to a Finch. No Tuna layed eggs that hatched
Hamour. One thing sloooowwwwwwllllyyy changed a tiny bit, and

We can see this in Rabbit and hares, Rabbit sub species "A" can breed with Rabbit [/font]
[font=verdana,sans-serif]sub species "B", and B with C. But C cannot breed with A. they have moved too far away and are now a different species.

It is REALLY fascinating and beautiful once one can see it. Just a the
universe takes on a huge new beauty and wonder the more one grasps how
huge and varied and wonderful it is. I look at the night sky with more
love and amazement now then ever I did as a believer. Just to know that
every atom in me... even the component parts of those atoms... came
from the heart of a star that exploded long ago, that I am made of
stardust!! How cool is that?

I have one life to live. Just that. I live every day of my life with
the goal of bringing as much love and joy to those I love and care about
as I can. That is the best I have to offer. I have no room for hate,
or judging, when I realize that we are all made of the same stuff and
share the same energy and have the power to make the lives of others
more joyful!

Any ideas about racism melts away once we understand we are all the same
race... the human race, and each has good and bad and can hurt and feel
joy just the same way we do. Black skin become like blue eyes, white
skin like red hair... just a surface difference. We are children of the
universe. All the same.

If you want to believe some God made all this, well you may be right!!
But you have to accept the process by which it was made. The evidence
is all around and now undeniable! Whatever caused all this to happen,
it DID happen, and we know more every day how it happened, and more
importantly how it IS happening. Enjoy it![/font]

Sometimes I just get like that. Comments? Was I too much? Think I freaked him out? We have 1-2 hour long conversations on these topics weekly.

David in Saudi
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18-01-2013, 07:13 AM
RE: Science as Poetry
Wonderful post! Here's a picture on evolution Smile
[Image: oanfa.jpg]

Welcome to science. You're gonna like it here - Phil Plait

Have you ever tried taking a comfort blanket away from a small child? - DLJ
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