Science, reason and moral questions
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07-05-2017, 09:34 AM
RE: Science, reason and moral questions
(06-05-2017 10:38 PM)Robvalue Wrote:  I don't know how the discussion has got so tangled, but I'll make my position simple:

There is no "correct" way to measure "the morality" of an action. Everyone will use their own values (and principles if you like) to evaluate the action, and will come up with their own judgement. None of them are right or wrong. This is what I mean by morality not being objective. To make it objective, you'd have to define it precisely so that it is becomes measurable. And then you've just projected your own subjective morlaity onto it. You could compare people's judgements with their personal goals, to see if they seem consistent. That's about as far as it goes. And of course, you can debate what goals you feel are important.

We can agree, as a society or between the people having the discussion, what the goals of morality should be. Then we can form a rough agreement about what represents moral or immoral actions. But this is just circular; if we agree, we agree.

Even if we agree on maximizing wellbeing as a goal (one I certainly aim for), there is no "correct" way to measure wellbeing either. It's an extremely vague concept.
Do you realize that when you claim that there is no correct way to measure the morality of an action, and I don't know why you put these in quotes, you are making a knowledge claim. And you are making an absolute knowledge claim. You are saying that in all cases there is no correct way to judge whether an action is moral or not. Why do you get to make this statement and say that it is true. What standard are you using to validate this statement. Clearly, you haven't done your homework since you include my method in your statement yet you've not shown how my method is subjective in any way.

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The only alternative to Objectivism is some form of Subjectivism. - Dawson Bethrick
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