Scientific reasoning.
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23-01-2013, 08:51 PM (This post was last modified: 23-01-2013 09:04 PM by Adenosis.)
RE: Scientific reasoning.
(17-01-2013 09:35 PM)Aseptic Skeptic Wrote:  These guys you quote are talking about stuff that might be so far away that light it emits hasn't even reached us yet. But they're predicting it with math, just like the Higgs boson was. Maybe one day we can observe these alternate universes too.
Well these other universes would probably be separate systems in a dimension called the multiverse, and so light from one ending up in another seems implausible. Unless they could interfere with each other like bubbles in a bath bumping into each other, but would we be able to notice when we get bumped in to? No idea.

It would be really interesting if our 'essence' or spirit, if we have such a thing, drifted off into space only to fall into another vessel sometime, potentially in another galaxy or even universe. Anyways, a multiverse, if proven (which it has not been as far as I am aware), doesn't imply that we have an afterlife.

(17-01-2013 05:13 PM)mawil1013 Wrote:  Here is a snippet of quantum mechanics, where groups of some of our most intelligent scientists are studying the idea that there may be other universes! They also believe with certainty that particles of matter appear out of nowhere. Where does superstition and fact begin and end!

Sometimes people that start to read in to quantum mechanics come to strange conclusions based on the things that an expert in the field has said. People also have a tendency to connect things to beliefs as if it were evidence. I know, I've done it before quite a bit. I use to believe something along the same lines too; reincarnation somewhere in the multiverse for eternity, but it's just wishful thinking.

Sam Harris Wrote:What we’re being asked to consider is that you damage one part of the brain, and something about the mind and subjectivity is lost, you damage another and yet more is lost, [but] you damage the whole thing at death, we can rise off the brain with all our faculties in tact, recognizing grandma and speaking English!

2.5 billion seconds total
1.67 billion seconds conscious

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