Scientology Exposes Psychiatry?
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27-08-2012, 02:54 AM
RE: Scientology Exposes Psychiatry?
Wall of text coming.

Ok I watched about half of the video of the OP so first I want to talk about the video itself.
What they do in that video is manipulate and they don't even hide that.
They show you the worst of the worst, they generalize everything, painting black and white, where black is psychiatries.
I find it very unfair to show how bad some things turned out when there are obviously tons and tons of good examples where treatments worked.
They show how the field evolved and everything that turned out badly and bloody and with deaths. Well guess what, In the early times (they start in the 1700's) medicine was often very bloody. They didn't know better, they where, just like we are still, in a learning process. Some things worked out, others didn't.
During the whole video they keep showing pictures to underline what is being said, but often the pictures don't match what has been said. Like when they talk about people's uncontrolled movement, and in the backround they show a few seconds of a documentary that I actually saw a few months ago. In that one it was an orphanage in a very poor country and how the kids vegetate there, it was not in any way about psyciaties or so. And they do that all the time throughout the video.
They make claims that are simply not true. Like about Nazitime when experiments where carried out etc. They say that Germans liked that and that the psychiatriests joined the SS because they like all the ideas and that they were not forced to. Well back in the time, you had to join the SS or you would not really be seen as legitimate, it was a desicion of keeping your job or losing it because you are not conform. No free will envolved in that.
There were so many points when I wanted to punch the speaker or the people who made this video.
I stopped at 55 minutes because I am too annoyed by all that shit they talk.
They misinform the people watching this. Telling them how bad everything is, especially the drugs. One of the "doctors" in the video says that there is no way to measure the chemical imbalance in one's brain but they need to say that so they can give you the drug. .... Of course they can measure that, the hack. And yes in some cases these drugs do help if you are willing to take them. And yes they have side effects, but literally everything we do, eat, breath, say can have side effects. Side effects are a part of live. If you want to be informed, read before you take drugs. Right?

Now my own stuff.
I have been to the hospital once, for 6 weeks. That was when I was very suicidal. It was not a closed ward or so, I went there in the morning, and went home in the evening. I spent the day there under supervision and noone ever forced me to take any drugs. They asked me in the beginning of my stay if I would like to try drugs. I said "no" and that was it. I got therapies. Noone tried to force anything on me or on anyone in my group for that matter.
My mother has been to a similar kind of hospital a year after I was done with it. She also didn't want to take drugs and noone forced it on her. In no way.
I used to have a friend who was very very depressed for most of her live. She as well was suicidal at some point and me and my friends got her to go to a psychiatry and get help. She stayed there for 3 months. She did not deny the drugs, she decided to take them to try a new approach. And it did wonders of her. Sure it worked only slow but at some point she was able to sleep, laugh, and talk. No shaking, no tears in her eyes. She got the drugs and therapy there and if helped her a lot. She had been to therapy before the hospital and it had not worked, she had not taken drugs before either. Once she was out, and she did not take the drugs anymore, she went back to her old very depressed "self". It was a pain to see that, when all she had to do was continue therapy and the drug (one pill a day).

Psychiatry is a field that is still under construction. People still work on it, and I think that is a good thing, it improves things. The argument that it has changed so much, and that many bad things have happened in the past, is not a reason to say that it is in general something bad...

Sorry for the wall of text

Captain Underpants
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