Secular Student Alliance
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28-09-2017, 07:36 PM
RE: Secular Student Alliance
(26-09-2017 07:07 PM)Shai Hulud Wrote:  
(26-09-2017 06:09 PM)julep Wrote:  It's really sad what's happened to college costs and how much financial aid sucks. I went to one of the most expensive private colleges in the country in the '80s. Cost my father $1000/year, or $4000 total, and my total student loan debt after four years was $8500. The four-year total, $12,500, is less than what we are paying for my son to attend UMass PER SEMESTER. Weeping

I have no idea how pretty much anyone outside of the 1%ers can afford a private school these days.

Holy cow that's amazing!! Like my mind was boggled as I read that. :/ My students pay about 6k a year for their state school in tuition (probably another 3k in room and board for those who live on campus, but we're mostly commuter). Meanwhile, the private (Methodist, I think) university in the city is around 40k a year.

Though for a similar story to mom went to a private Baptist university back in the 1970s. The first time we bought books when I did dual-enrollment classes in high school for college credit, we spent more on new textbooks (we learned that day to buy used), than her parents spent on tuition in a semester at her private school.

Also total apologies Goldenarm, we are not trying to make college sound scary, if we are. Sad Rather amazed we don't have an SSA here.

It's fine! You're not. I'm also amazed that there is actually a Secular Student Alliance nearby to me.
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