Seeking more help vs Christian YouTuber
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22-05-2015, 04:57 PM
RE: Seeking more help vs Christian YouTuber
It's my wild guess that the universe is overflowing with life, but since we've only been actively listening for other signs of intelligent life for the past 60 yrs ? out of the past 13.7 billion years there is a low probably that another intelligent species within our own galaxy is at or above our advancement at the same time we are.

It may be the case that intelligent species often kill themselves off too quickly, reducing the number of intelligent species out there.

It's definitely a crap shoot.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
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22-05-2015, 05:09 PM (This post was last modified: 22-05-2015 05:24 PM by ClydeLee.)
RE: Seeking more help vs Christian YouTuber
(22-05-2015 04:30 PM)Tomasia Wrote:  
(22-05-2015 02:17 PM)ClydeLee Wrote:  You make more appeals to authorities I've seen anyone do. It's not always a wrong step but you do it constantly which is rather interesting. Is he capable of being wrong? Yes. Am I, yes? Are you? Yes.

Well, your damned if your do, damned if you don't.

Evolution Kills: "I love how an uneducated theist with no background in evolution, cosmology, or statistics can speak so fluently on the probability of intelligent life in the universe."

I cite individuals who have a strong backgrounds in these areas, primarly to combat those who think that only "an uneducated theist with no background" in these areas, would claim these things. Or those who think that since I lack this background, that I have no business putting my two cents into it.

ONLY is an exaggeration. Your issue is somehow seemingly acting like it's not possible to attempt to view things in another scope outside of your own without boxing in a view in a bubble or generalization.

It's fitting if you do it at a point in discussion that is leading up to it. To randomly continually assert things and add other sources doesn't make you seem like you actually are grasping ideas. Instead you just look to be sheltered. I'd say, actually try learning and being able to communicate on the topics is the ultimate goal. Well if you can't get that through via other people, then perhaps it is because you don't actually grasp it. You actually could be at fault or struggling; it should always be a possibility considered. It's not the hardest thing to do, instead you can also choose to act like a dick though and to some people that's just fine.

Not that it changes or alters anything BTW: Just part of the faultiness in conversational quoting of people.

FOR LAST TIME: I think life is common in universe. We MAY be only civ. in Milky Way. There WILL be other civilisations in univ. #shutupnow

— Brian Cox (@ProfBrianCox) October 28, 2014[/quote]

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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23-05-2015, 05:27 AM
RE: Seeking more help vs Christian YouTuber
(22-05-2015 11:33 AM)Tomasia Wrote:  
(22-05-2015 09:28 AM)ClydeLee Wrote:  It is actually bad reasoning to make assertive claims like thinking it wouldn't or that "this is probably the best it's going to get" based on such limited data. It's not rational to make conclusions based on the tiniest of data Your data formulation is based on 1/200Sextillion+ potential solar system

You really ought to grasp the difference between assuming there is and simply not assuming there isn't, as there are distinctions.

"We are alone in the universe: Professor Brian Cox says alien life is all but impossible and humanity is 'unique'

"The biological process which lead to intelligent life on earth was a fluke that is unlikely to have been repeated anywhere else in the universe, claims Professor Brian Cox.
The presenter and scientist blames a series of 'evolutionary bottlenecks' for the lack of extraterrestrial life on other planets, despite there being a mind-bogglingly vast number of them in the galaxy.

Humanity miraculously overcame them in a chance binding of two single cells merging somewhere in the mists of time, he said.

'There is only one advanced technological civilisation in this galaxy and there has only ever been one - and that's us. We are unique.

'It's a dizzying thought. There are billions of planets out there, surely there must have been a second genesis?

'But we must be careful because the story of life on this planet shows that the transition from single-celled life to complex life may not have been inevitable.'
He made the claims in an episode of BBC's Human Universe, adding that yet another freak occurrence - the meteor which wiped out the dinosaurs - allowed mammals and ultimately humanity to dominate the planet.

On the subject of the genesis of complex life, he added: 'We still struggle to understand how this happened. It's incredibly unusual.

'We're confident this only happened once in the oceans of the primordial earth.Life here did squeeze through.'

Read more:

He's a physicist and his opinion on this is not authoritative.

Also, that's the Daily Mail. Dodgy Where is the actual source? Drinking Beverage

Quote:I mean the arrogance of this atheists scientist douce?

Try that again in English. Huh

Skepticism is not a position; it is an approach to claims.
Science is not a subject, but a method.
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