Seen in parade...
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05-07-2013, 09:42 AM
Seen in parade...
Unfortunately my camera decided it was warm, so it would take pictures 3-4 seconds after I pushed the button, so I got a lot of pictures of the back of the chair in front of me, my knee, the grass...

Still. Part of the 4th parade yesterday was a little group marching along... "Muslems for loyalty."

The good: They were cheered fairly well.

The bad: That they didn't apparently feel comfortable as just the "Muslems of Oak Creek" (yeah, same city that had the Sikh shooting last year.) They had to throw "For loyalty" in there.

Still, it got me thinking of a few things. Starting with "the bad," above - it shouldn't be questioned, after all, just because of religion. And, of course, "oh, look, more bias someone has to fight."

And, of course, "I wonder what would happen if we replaced "Muslem" with "Atheist" there." I half suspect we'd be glad to be near the beginning - not as much candy to be whipped back to hit us... but that's just my guess. This is, after all, the same town I grew fairly fundamentalist in.

I don't know - Did anyone see any freethinker representation during the fourth? Think there should be? Or what do you think the reception would be?

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