Senseless Argument
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04-08-2013, 07:43 PM
Senseless Argument
An American woman (Christian) told me of the pro abortion movement in the US, led by Obama. I felt my hackles rise. I told her the issue was Pro Choice. Well then she went on that in one state they want to force women who wish to abort to have to watch an ultrasound of the fetus. She's all for that. Since 99% of abortions occur before 3 mos. there'd be little to watch. She never said who'd pay for the ultrasound. Then her husband spoke up. The downfall of the US began when women began having abortions. He believes this drivel. I didn't get a chance to ask what year this might have been. People like this make me boil when they pass judgement on others (gotta be in the bible somewhere) and it doesn't even effect them. Is it their own lives are basically unhappy so they try to control someone else's?
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