Separation of church and state in your country
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26-06-2014, 04:28 AM
RE: Separation of church and state in your country
I don't mind churches (physical variety) getting state favours if they have cultural significance to the country or region in question.
Religious locations have historically been places for society to gather, rejoice/lament plot/plan secular events.

Theism is to believe what other people claim, Atheism is to ask "why should I".
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30-06-2014, 02:57 AM (This post was last modified: 30-06-2014 03:04 AM by Luminon.)
RE: Separation of church and state in your country
My country (Czech Republic) is supposedly very secular. Socially, that is true and there is also literally no traditional folk practices that are taken seriously in any way. However, I don't think it's atheism or rationality, I think it's extreme lukewarmness and apathy to whatever "those above" do. The nation stirred in its sleep in the "velvet revolution" of 1989 and achieved some cosmetic changes from Communism. But then the politically-corporate-mafia leeches and vampires descended on the sleeping nation again and made sure to suck it dry by taxes and crappy education, so that it has no strength to wake up again for real.

There's also a lot of imported spirituality of New Age.
And, the government is corrupt through and through. The Catholic Church does not need to indoctrinate the public and get its representatives into the Parliament. All it needs to do is to talk to a few party leaders and bribe them, or promise a bribe out of future deals, with taxpayers paying for both sides.

The national public television is pretty corrupt by the Church. There are many Catholic programs and every Sunday is full of masses and priest programs or "spiritual word".

The director of the national TV is a Catholic, so are some of the redactors. They even asked a mass to be served for 60th anniversary of the television! Kids' favorite cartoons got dragged into the Catholic blessing as well. Apparently, CT does not say "Czech Television", it says "Catholic Television".

What's worst, the Church made a deal with the state. The state owns a lot of supposedly Church property, confiscated by Communists. The Church wants it back, all of it, maybe more than they ever had. In return, the state would stop paying salaries of clergy (!).
Of course, it's the most corrupt deal you've ever seen. It was never clear what property belongs to what church, or where's the list of it all. Some churches got more than they ever bargained for. Some (baptists) were even as decent as to give it back to the state.
The whole deal was announced in advance, to make sure the property will be looted before it is given away, and to make sure that dirty deals and property speculations may get done.
Sure enough, majority of the public is against the Church restitution, which is as always ignored by the politicians. Listening to the overwhelming will of the nation is "undemocratic" and "populism" according to them. The proper procedure is to elect some representatives once per 4 years and then shut the fuck up and pay the fuckin' taxes.

Personally, I used to find it acceptable if the state helps the churches to keep the vow of poverty. However, there was a better deal than that - at the time I studied some Constitutional law and my teacher was a former minister and devout Catholic as well. He was for the separation of Church and state, but he wrote a better law that would do it quickly, it would prevent all corruption and speculation and it would also help the churches to start their own financing. Of course his honest proposal was refused in favor of murky bill that allows for lots of wiggle room for property to get lost.

OTOH, in Slovakia the same thing went on without complaints. Slovakia is notably more religious, not surprising, considering they have a Cyrilic cross on their flag.
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