Sermons: Catholic vs. Protestant
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22-09-2015, 10:39 PM
RE: Sermons: Catholic vs. Protestant
(22-09-2015 08:31 PM)Rkane819 Wrote:  This is something that's always bothered me. Whenever I mentioned I was going to read the bible someone would almost always suggest a study guide to use. I always found this notion confusing. If this was supposedly the perfect word why do I need a guide? Why can't i just read it? Why do I seemingly need a minor in hermeneutics to fully comprehend what I'm reading? Why is it if I come to a different conclusion than others that I'm not trying hard enough or thinking too much? This concept always irritated me.

It's what makes the bible such a great work. Any passage can be interpreted to mean whatever someone desires it to mean. And, having interpreted it to personal satisfaction, you can use it to make anyone who didn't interpret it the way you did seem stupid compared to you, heightening your personal sense of worth.

The bible is never used to become informed. There isn't a paragraph anywhere in it that could be scientifically classed as coherent. No, its perfect use is to preen the ego. It's a fabulous box of baubles for that job.
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