Seth's Video Debunked! Seth gets Owned!
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25-10-2011, 05:04 PM
RE: Seth's Video Debunked! Seth gets Owned!
(25-10-2011 11:47 AM)mysticjbyrd Wrote:  1) Atheists do not think.
2) Genocide is fine, because god owns us. We are personal property, aka slaves. Genocide and slavery is apparently A-OK for god.
3) Atheists want to be God. So apparently all atheists egomaniacs and have some sort of mental disorder.
4) Atheists want to call the shots. But how are we to call shots if we cannot think? I am confused, but how can I be confused if I cant think? Now I am really confused.
5) Atheists will burn in hell for eternity, for not believing in something without evidence. Gee what a benevolent guy he is. I mean that sounds fair right?
6) The so called evidence listed to support the flood is a joke. Most of it isnt evidence of anything, for example, Chert beds. Other so called evidence, such as "random order of fossils" dont even make sense. My geology professor weeps in laughter at this evidence.
7) Its apparently true that everyone on Earth suddenly became evil. Makes sense, go on.
8) Well then God became so overcome with grief that he went homicidal.
9) Humans can live to be up to 600 years, no problem. Proof? Sphhh, I got your proof. Check out this post on a blog!! It is very sciency!
10) So all the animals in the world came to noah....How did they swim across the ocean? Even if they could swim, how many years would it take for them to migrate thousands upon thousands of miles?
11) WTF is a kind of animal? Maybe it had meaning in the bronze age term, ok, but it has no meaning now, so why do you keep using it? Our advances in Zoology has come quite far in the last few millennium.
12) Apparently God, did not care about all the animals, just some. I guess, maybe some of the animals were evil as well.
13) 1.52 million cubic feet is before you consider the thickness of the wood, the walls, the rooms, etc....all which take up an enormous amount of space.
14) All the technical questions concerning the animals on noahs arc are answered in a book, and not in this debunked video. Kind of odd.
15) Most fish died in the flood, they were apparently very naughty as well. And somehow, all the new fish around today came from the descendents of the few that survived. Wait?!? But that means you would have to believe in evolution....and not just any old evolution, but evolution that takes place exponentially faster than what we observe.
16) Fresh Water and Salt Water do not mix. So where does the salt go?
17) Animals were apparently much heartier back in the bronze age. So surviving huge temperature changes, and drastic changes in the salinity of water was not a big deal.
18) Ok, so you believe in micro-evolution and natural selection, and then claim over long time frame the animals change and adapt to newer environments. THAT IS EVOLUTION BY NATURAL SELECTION!!! Darwin says, hi!
19) So if we are descendants of Noah and his family, the only good people, how is it we are evil?
20) There were no genetic defects in the bronze age?! Odd, archeological studies would disagree. Also, dont creationist argue against the animal genetic code changing over time? To accept that the genetic code changes is the same as accepting evolution again.
21) There were eight people in Noahs Family, but it takes at least 14 unrelated people forced to procreate in a very specif order to repopulate a species.

And with that. The final nail in the coffin of this video has been nailed in. GAME OVER. YOU WIN! Wow we have quite the winning streak going.

Twice the anger, Half the space!
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