Share your embarrassing childhood stupidity
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22-02-2014, 04:48 AM
RE: Share your embarrassing childhood stupidity
I love everyone's contribution this thread! Smile

And you keep reminding me more and more things!

When I was around 10, me and my two years older brother were playing with our friends in our backyard and pretended to "talk on the phone" through a hose. He had one end of the hose and I had the other. I talked in it and then put it in my ear to hear my brother (of course I could hear him anyway because he was standing like 3 meters away).

At some point, when it was my turn to "hear", I put it next to my ear but my brother wasn't talking and I was just waiting and waiting like "Hello? Are you there?", and I didn't even bother to look at him to see what was happening while he was heading to the tap and connecting the hose to it and turning it on.

"Behind every great pirate, there is a great butt."
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22-02-2014, 05:42 AM
RE: Share your embarrassing childhood stupidity
(18-02-2014 04:55 AM)undergroundp Wrote:  I'm sure everyone has some childhood stories they don't feel particularly proud of. Share funny, stupid moments of your childhood that you are now too embarrassed to admit to other people (except, you know, your partners in crime).

-I had always had long hair and I was always too bored to wash it every other day so one day I washed it 5 or 6 times, hoping that I wouldn't have to wash it again for weeks.

-When I was 7, I had no friends at school, so all I did during the break was pretending to be Pocahontas, running around and suddenly stopping with a look of wisdom on my eyes, as if I was on that rock and the wind was blowing my hair.

-In kindergarten, I "publicly" proclaimed my (not the family kind) love for my cousin, trying to compete with other girls who wanted him for their own.

-Again in kindergarten, I asked my crush to kiss my "pee pee" over my underwear, which he did, and then I simply announced it to all my family. They still laugh about it sometimes.

-I once had a crush on my best friend's (much much) older brother. One day I was in their bathroom and I noticed he had shaved and there were little hairs everywhere and I picked up some of them and put them in a small paper and kept them hidden for years.

-I once brought some music for a birthday party of a friend and I demanded that everyone listens to it and be quiet, but they weren't so I just screamed that the person singing was "my cousin and had died". Of course it wasn't true and of course, a few years later a friend who had been there asked me "so, X was your cousin?". Ugh.

I'm sure there are more things but I'm hoping you won't leave me hanging here Blush

Oh, and, all these things happened before I was even 13, so don't judge Angry

You're weird, but still attractive. Maybe because your Greek.Blush
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22-02-2014, 05:51 AM
RE: Share your embarrassing childhood stupidity
Me and my siblings were chasing each other around the small townhouse we grew up in, when one of us knocked a chair into the kitchen cabinet doors, breaking the hell out of one. We glued the broken piece back on - very badly, and stupidly thought our carpenter father would not notice when he came home from work. He noticed.Confused
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22-02-2014, 12:43 PM
RE: Share your embarrassing childhood stupidity
When we were in High School we stored our urine until we had enough to fill up 3 of those big old-fashioned 1980's fire extinguishers and drove down to M Street and sprayed the streetwalkers. Then we drove around the block and sprayed them again. Yeah, I don't undertstand why we're still alive either. Hobo

Also quaaludes + Jack Daniel's + driving don't mix well.

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