She gonna die.
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18-06-2013, 12:30 PM
RE: She gonna die.
So. Now she has a following. She pleads poverty as her reason for stopping the "experiment". No MONEY for phones and the internet. Which has NOTHING to do with the "experiment". She drops all responsibility for anyone's suffering from this ridiculous idea, but feels that "the universe" led her to do it, and somehow it was a success.

She is hoping that there are enough fools out there, who will feel that she is a hero of some kind, and will donate! I'll bet dollars to donuts that soon we will learn that she was oppressed by the government. And that she is working on a book, or a video, or is organizing a series of events of some kind and needs our help! The media is done with her, so they won't tell us what happens next. But keep an eye on: . By the way: She already has four books. You can buy them on her website, if you are inclined to support liars, or are an aspiring idiot, in yourself!
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