Shootings and Reshootings
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24-08-2012, 07:53 PM
Shootings and Reshootings
Alright, I've gotta vent about this.

A film called "Gangster Squad" was set to be released in early September. However, in light of the recent shootings in Aurora, it was decided that the climax of the film would be re-shot because it depicted gangsters shooting up a theater.

As an aspiring film director, this pisses me off. I find it to be completely unreasonable that an artist should have to change his or her work because it bears certain similarities to real-life events that negatively affected a large number of people. This really makes no sense. If a theater shooting is part of the plot, it should remain so, regardless of what similarities it may have with real-life. Every single day, families suffer the long, drawn-out process of a loved-one dying of Cancer (I've suffered this myself), and yet, films depict people with Cancer all the time. Countless people have lost loved-ones to murder - some without ever finding closure - and yet, films depict acts of murder all the time. A large portion of the American public (as well as other countries) have suffered the loss of a loved-one, sometimes of multiple loved-ones, due to the war in Iraq, and yet, a slew of films and TV shows have been released between 2001 and 2012 depicting the ongoing war in Iraq.

But, amidst all of that, when there's a mass-shooting in a theater, we have to pull a film and all of it's advertising because it too just happens to depict a mass-shoting in a theater?

I'm calling bullshit. Being that my career has not yet fully begun, I can't pretend to know the dynamics of Hollywood politics, but were I the director - better yet, the very *creator* - of this film, I would make it known that while my sympathies go out to the victims of the Aurora shooting, my film would not be changed. Not in any way, shape, or form. If it's contents are too disturbing for some, they have every right to avoid the film. Just as those who have lost loved-ones to murder and war are welcome to do. Art is art, and it should not be changed because someone may be brought to tears because of it. Films depict murder, kidnapping, rape, torture, drug addiction, alcoholism, deadly accidents and a countless number of other negative occurances all the time, and nobody bats an eyelash, despite the fact that there are people sitting in those exact audiences who have experienced those things first-hand (my last girlfriend was horribly abused by her ex, and as a result, was brought to tears while watching films or shows depicting domestic abuse). And yet, we don't change films for them. We don't re-write plots so that they aren't reminded of a recent or distant tragedy in their lives. Again, my sympathies go out to the Aurora victims, but art should not be changed for their benefit. The art should remain the same, and they should have to deal with it like reasonable adults.

*Deep breath* Just getting that off my chest.


Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
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