Poll: Should Hylonome Return?
I don't know
Who The Fuck Is Hylonome?!
I have no idea. Hell, I'm only voting because I don't want to feel left out
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Should Hylonome Return To The Forums?
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13-09-2012, 09:47 AM
Should Hylonome Return To The Forums?
OK people. Just to clarify everything I'm posting here is 100% serious.

Hylonome (my sister) isn't sure whether she should return to the forums. She's paranoid that people might not want her joining in conversations and threads because she's new. She enjoys the forums and likes everyone but is just a little bit intimidated, presumably by the strong rapport most of us share.

I've tried to explain to her just how stupidly flawed that logic is as we were all new here at some point but she won't hear it from me. So I figured I may as well let you lot give your views.

The poll is anonymous so be as honest as you want.

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Should Hylonome Return To The Forums? - Hughsie - 13-09-2012 09:47 AM
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