Should I write for a christian website?
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08-03-2014, 05:06 PM
Should I write for a christian website?

I might have the opportunity to write for a website run by a christian that is focused on giving advice for men on how to be a good guy (

Should I do so? On the one hand I might be able to giving some scientifically sound advice and in the process perhaps elevate the quality standards there.

On the other hand, given my experience with guy running it, I have doubts regarding his honesty. This offer to write for the site arouse out of a discussion between him and me discussing whether or not a claim he made (Science shows X) was valid. I provided long and detailed explanations why his claimed was not justified quoting the very scientific papers he brought forth to back up his claim.

He evaded my arguments by saying that the data says his claim might be true and by asking whether we actually need the evidence while also trying(?) to confuse scientific claims with ethical judgements ("On the other hand, do we need this evidence to make a statement? Do I need evidence to suggest murdering is bad? There is a moral order to the universe." [Quote]).
When I responded to these at length he stated that I wasn't debating him but the others of the article who seemed to believe that the data supports the claim.

I then pointed out that the researchers where in fact claiming an association between the variables ("sexual restraint was associated with better relationship outcomes"), whereas he clearly claimed a causal effect ("Research shows sexual restraint leads to better relationship outcomes.") and asked him what he thought about the limitations of the study I had already pointed out. His reply was:
"That’s fair enough. I updated the wording to include what was quoted in the abstract." (Which he did.)

I replied that it would only be fair enough if he pointed out the difference between association and causation, as somebody who is not well versed in science would likely mistake association for causation.
Because he stated that he works in the medical field I also questioned his honesty, leaving open the possibility that he thought it might be o.k. to mislead because he wanted his claim to be true so badly.

He didn't answer to this, but deleted the post claiming in an email to me that because his life is so busy, he did not want to set up a precendent giving off the impression that he answers every comment.

What do you make of this?
Do you think it is a good idea to write for this site or not?
And IF I do what precautions should I take (he already has my full name, because I think it is a matter of honesty to openly show who you are)?
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08-03-2014, 05:34 PM
RE: Should I write for a christian website?

Due to technical problems I accidentally created the thread twice.
Please use the other thread to respond.
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