Should adults be allowed view this section?
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28-11-2012, 06:29 PM
RE: Should adults be allowed view this section?
(28-11-2012 06:26 PM)Leela Wrote:  1. yes it is a teen section, but we also have a music section, so we should really only let musicians in, and the health section should be only for doctors. The coffee house should be only for coffee drinkers, and I am very much for having the food section only for cooks. The teen section was created for you guys to find other teens and probably talk. if there is embarrassing stuff, pm or skype or yahoo or tinychat or whateverthehack.
2. I am 15 years old, I can post here as much as I want!
1. The teens section is set up for teens. The music section is not specifically set up for Musicians. Nor is the health section for doctors. Yes, Leela. I am going to Skype Magoo about my girlfriend problems. That doesn't seem creepy at fucking all. Also, I am going to PM all the teen members about a specific issue and deal with all the messages that come my way in terms of memory. That's just not user friendly or even efficient.

2. Form of ID, please. I have mine, what about you?

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