Should adults be allowed view this section?
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29-11-2012, 03:30 PM (This post was last modified: 30-11-2012 06:56 AM by Atothetheist.)
RE: Should adults be allowed view this section?
(29-11-2012 05:13 AM)Leela Wrote:  You know, most of your teen problems are so insignificant for "us adults" that we don't even bother looking. If you make a thread like this, expect adults to look at it. If you post a thread about Justin Biber or School or your latest crush we are not interested. The worst that can happen is a troll of any age posting something.
You wanted a teen section you got one, now you want the forum team to close it and check everyone who says they are a teen. You want them to ID or face check. Guess what, I can get my neigbours daughter plus her ID, make a pic and identify myself like that. Plus the work involved to check everyone who wants in is not fair to the forum team just because you think you have a right to get this section closed.
This section, just to make that clear, is supposed to be a meeting place, so the teens in this forum can actually find each other without a big problem. It was made because it is not easy to find someone of your own age in a big forum like that (no sarcasm here). So you got your meeting and finding place. Take it and be happy, stop making yourself so important.
There is a saying in German that when you offer someone your pinky, that person will rip your hand off. Feels like that right now.

Plus again you are suggesting that you should be made mod. By now I think you want it too much, I do not think you would fit into that position anymore. Nothing against you as a person, but you got your "no" a few times, get over it.

Cheers, and out.
First, I recognize that I am a "NO" for mod. The only reason I brought up me becoming a mod was to solve a problem. It could easily be Magoo, or, as I SUGGESTED, Taz. It could also be Vosur, or Logica, or any other teen.

Stark presented a problem, and I made a solution using two people, any two teens who FEEL up to the job will do. This thread was made because Magoo felt it a legitimate thing to discuss. I fought for it and lost, which is EXACTLY what I stated in my first post. I told Magoo it wasn't going to happen, but I also said that if he did, bring it up to Stark. My involvement in the thread of this topic was first to comment on how I pointed out similar issues in the first thread ABOUT this section. Stark presented problems, to which I offered POSSIBLE FIXES.

I offered my services as to bear the load of my potential fixes as well. I am not for closing this forum, but I advocated a "Adults respect this section enough to leave it the fuck alone" position. If you read my posts clearly you would have seen me say

"Nah, I am fine with it(being not private), I was just making points." That's exactly what I was doing.

My first post was to say "Hey man, the issue you brought up was a lost fight." And there you go chewing me out because I advocated a position of privacy which I wouldn't feel the need to side with if you just kept the fuck out anyways.

I am not advocating for more, but I was just offering possible solutions to Starky's points. I am fine with it being not private, but I am not fine with adults coming In and disrupting the flow of the section.

Lets look at the OP. It was clearly made for teens, and yet the adults are here, offering there opinions on this issue. Magoo asked for thoughts, as in opinions. Yet you guys felt the need to chime in and offer why it isn't happening when I was going to do that myself.

Also, to your point about the "Adults couldn't give a shit about other threads that do not include them" Look at the "Dating Problems" Thread. The first couple of posts were FROM ADULTS.

How about that? A thread SPECIFICALLY AIMED at dealing with teen problems has adults posting in it.

So, this is a meeting place, huh? Just a meeting place? It is not a section where teens can communicate about problems at all? Really? Cuz that's the reason why I wanted it to be made, so teens could communicate and share their views on typical problems of teenagers or teenage atheists in general. Sorry if I misunderstood the position this section had. I guess I'll ask all the teens that are posting for their email or Facebook so I can talk to them on other media. We aren't asking for privacy to feel important, we are asking because you adults just can't seem to leave us be.

It might be true that members might want privacy, and I was against it, but I know why it is denied and will be denied. I understand that it is a "no". I also understand your reasoning behind needing to tell us, but my thought process about this thread was he wanted to know if other teens were with him, not if the adults are against him.

P.S Leela, I am not angry with you, though I am slightly hurt at you seemingly annoyed at me. Take what I have said as nothing personal, just a disagreement with some of your points.

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