Should adults be allowed view this section?
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30-11-2012, 04:41 AM
RE: Should adults be allowed view this section?
(29-11-2012 08:21 PM)lucradis Wrote:  Actually Magoo, you're special treatment is actually the opposite of what you believe it to be.

Other people have suggested new forum sections before, many times. Almost always refused outright. Twice the teens have been given their own section. This being the second time.

There usually isn't much discussion about it to be honest. It boils down to a do we need it, which is almost always no. It was also a no in the case of the teens but the mods and admin believed that it would be nice for you guys to have a place to call your own so to speak.

But I guess you could call it a discussion of sorts. As for making it private, that isn't a discussion. It's a no. For any section other than one. Period.

Sure it would be nice if the adults kept out of your section, but every so often they wander over there. It isn't a big deal. It might be a big deal were this a forum for teens only. But it isn't.

Should they be allowed to see it. Yeah sure why not? What's so special about what you guys have to say that adults shouldn't be allowed to see it?

Fair enough.
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