Should adults be allowed view this section?
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30-11-2012, 06:54 AM
RE: Should adults be allowed view this section?
(30-11-2012 06:47 AM)Leela Wrote:  Ato, I read the whole thread, every post, believe me. That is why I actually posted my last thing. Because it seems to still be an issue. The forum is open to everyone. If I open a thread in the health section and I start it "this is only for people who have hiccups all day long..." I can be 100 percent sure that a lot of others will post there, too. It is the same thing here, in this section.
And no, I am not taking this personal, no worries.
See, but the point of this section is to allow teens to converse, not adults. We ask you guys to leave us be, you do not listen. This section is a big sign that says "Please do not post if yo are not a teen."

Unlike your example, the section in itself is more or less not an adultzone. The health section is absolutely open to everyone with threads in there that don't have such requirements. Such is not the case with the teen section where it is implied that it is for teens.

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