Should only taxpayers be allowed to vote?
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22-02-2013, 10:59 PM
Re: RE: Should only taxpayers be allowed to vote?
(22-02-2013 06:09 AM)bbeljefe Wrote:  I asked you to explain your statement syllogistically, and you have yet to do so. You offered some criticism that mine was faulty because I missed the point that I was a monopoly... which is puzzling.

It would be slavery if you weren't capable of leaving the system. Which
is essentially the same as how you can say it's not a monopoly."

First off... sure I can leave. Just fill out the mountains of paperwork, pay the excessive fees and wait around for some bureaucrat to decide whether or not I'm allowed to leave. And then, if I'm allowed to leave, I still owe them a part of my income.... forever.

How can you say it's not a monopoly if I can not buy services from a competitor? Do you think that being uprooted from your home is somehow fair trade? Hell, Sirus and XM satellite radio companies were tied up with the SEC dicking about with their merger request for so long that both companies damn near went out of fucking business. Why? For fear that they would have a monopoly on satellite radio. Something so trivial as satellite radio is a monopoly and you're telling me that I have to uproot my family, close my business, beg the state for some papers, beg another state for some papers and then move just so I can choose a different fucking water company?

Think about that for a moment. And then, if you don't mind, explain to me how that's a just and moral way to treat human beings. And, how that's not a monopoly.

You've said to you, the government doesn't give you services... I think you can get no services anywhere you chose to go on the planet. But in regards to actual commodities, you can join the government exempt systems. Free seas area comminuted still exist in dangerous locales, native territories have areas exempt from gov control and people can be accepted in(I know of it happening in Canada at least) and the commune plans may soon come.

You're interested in something I could care less about in this discussion.. how, why, and what's moral.(I care about them, but this context makes it meaningless to me because it will go nowhere)

When your complaint goes to... I have to uproot, fill out work, etc. that's about being just or nitpicking details. who cares, the point being made is upon the possibility of actions not what the details would be.

I don't think it's just or moral, and I never claimed it was or that a system could to be.

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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