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(05-08-2013 11:40 AM)Anjele Wrote:  I have been thinking lately about changing mine, but I just can't seem to find a suitable replacement picture for Ellen January. Tongue

This is my current background.

[Image: 1005089_542793425781935_158577095_n_zps6...1375724847]
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Deadpool and Domino are just superb. Blush

[Image: 24147s7.jpg]
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I love clean, no-icons desktops... I changed my Starfleet desktop for new, Romulan one.

[Image: 2gt6sub.jpg]
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[Image: faap6r.jpg]

Have you seen this? This is an interesting alternative GUI for Windows XP and 7. It is not just a skin, it is a completely new GUI that overrides Windows Explorer. You can even set it to start instead of WE. It changes everything to Starfleet LCARS system and it even has voice commands, which I will now go and test a bit.
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I'd love a whole GUI based on either the Canadian military or CSIS. Military/intelligence is an awesome theme for a PC.
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the old laptop
[Image: f9979fdefcdb975ad285d41735a5206c.png]
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[Image: cd9231884f9f4154542c8368b566891d.png]
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[Image: show-your-desktop.JPG]
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Mine is too irreducibly complex to upload.
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Mine also rotates every 15 mins to a different anime pic.
I HATE CLUTTER. I try to keep my home desktop clean, when I install a new game I keep a shortcut to it on my desktop while I'm playing it, but delete it afterwards. My work desktop is the one full of clutter.
I had to crop this first one (I'm on two monitors), which kind of effed up the quality.
[Image: 929ae4b9-fdac-489b-9e82-9312095bd9ca_zps152ed49f.png]
[Image: sword_art_online_wallpaper_by_greev-d5h7...1a5d75.jpg]
[Image: itachi_zps7efb79c3.jpg]
[Image: untitled_zpsa4b1ae6c.png]
[Image: untitled2_zps321ecdbd.png]
[Image: kuroko_no_basket_wallpaper_original_ver_...443be0.png]
[Image: kakashi_zps8c6ce0db.jpg]
[Image: naruto_zps43b32b06.jpg]
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