Sick sister
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14-02-2015, 03:20 PM (This post was last modified: 14-02-2015 04:33 PM by Mr Woof.)
RE: Sick sister
Thanks Girly.
Pharmoland can be very scary and confusing.
I was on benzos for 35 years, a double edged sword really.
Helped me get through Uni though when trying to control a pounding heart.
I ended up doing a two year taper and am right off them now.

Trazadone is unavailable here (something to do with priapism I think); they sell Melatonin in the health food shops.They are currently doing some revision of the old anti depressants using mini doses for insomnia : for example the anti-depressant Doxepin..max 300mgs is being used in 3-6 mgs doses for insomnia.

As for my sister....a very tough case for many years. Actually she is my half sister.
Tried to have her taken from Mum when she was a kid due to the crazy way she was being reared. Some 20 years ago I took her to a sleep clinic in Brugg Switzerland.
With all the drugs and shit it's hard to know where the original problem or psychosis is the major aspect. We have very little contact but she phoned me recently re her meds being stopped, suicide talk and stuff,pretty much run of the mill.

Anyhow I appreciate your advice and hope your new meds work out.
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