Simon Birch
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27-01-2012, 08:24 PM
RE: Simon Birch
(27-01-2012 10:16 AM)germanyt Wrote:  
(27-01-2012 12:44 AM)Dunhill808 Wrote:  Oh god, I remember being forced to watch this piece of shit when I was at a school camp. I loved how my teachers tried to ram home the whole “God made up for his deformity by making him a saviour figure later on, thus securing his place in heaven”.

I spent the rest of the night arguing with people about how I thought that was bullshit.

Why make him have to suffer through a debilitating childhood with a deformity that actually hindered his efficiency to fulfil the role of the sacrificial saviour figure?

Why make it so that the few good things in Simon’s life are taken away from him (I’m talking about the baseball to the head scene). What crime has Simon committed that warrants this punishment. He’s already a fucking dwarf and you are going to make him give up his life soon as well. How is this justified?

Why make it so that he needs to sacrifice his life at all. If god is in control of the universe then he (she, it, whatever) is the one bringing about the situation in which Simon needed to sacrifice himself.

This crap doesn’t hold up to rational scrutiny.

Plus why the fuck did Jim Carey appear in this?

(In case you haven’t guessed yet, I don’t like this turd of a film)Angry

I think you are blinded by your distaste for anything concerning God. This is actually a very good movie. Jim Carrey narrated the movie so I'm not sure why you were shocked to see him in it. Simon Birch is a great story and, theist or not, very inspiring. So he believed God had a purpose for him. So what? The fact that there isn't a god makes his actions even more imprssive and admirable. He wasn't empowered by God to save those kids. He may have thought that but his courage was all his. I thought it was an excellent movie.

Firstly you are incorrect in your assumption that I automatically dislike or attack anything related with theism, religion or the spiritual. I have a number of films, books, music pieces and art works that I adore that happen to be inspired, influenced or reliant on religion for them to be the things they are. Please don't take me for some fog-horn, underdeveloped anti-theist who goes into 'religion is for derp' mode when anyone or thing mentions god.

There are a vast array of reasons why I don't like this movie, the childhood experience mentioned above is just one. Admittedly I did not state in my previous post that there are multiple reasons for me disliking it. Here are some:

I don't like Joe Mazzello's performance (the kid who was Simone's best friend). I've never liked this guy and always found his performances to be forced and wooded. He was one of the reasons (at least in my opinion) that The Pacific was a shadow compared to Band of Brothers.

I have never been a fan of the particular family that I group this film into. The 90s produced not-quite-a-coming-of-age/not-quite-a-tale-of-two-fiends/not-quite-whimsical-child-adventure film. See Bridge to Terrabithia (the original one), My Girl, Stand by Me, and so on. I have no idea why these kinds of films don't click with me, but they don't.

There are a bunch more reasons but I cant be bothered articulating them, I am quite hung over.

I will admit, that this movie is well constructed. The editing is fine, the music is fine, the dialogue is above the standards that today's films have dropped to, the pacing is......adequate (I find some of the movements from light hearted comedy to tragedy a bit jarring). I cant really give much credit to the film for achieving these thing because any competent director can reach these standards if they are paying attention. You need to go above and beyond to make a great film.

As for my bafflement to the inclusion of Jim Carey, it wasn't that I was surprised his character was in it, I was surprised that someone like him was starring in it. He is a big successful comedy actor appearing in a bit part for a low budget heart string puller. I have since been enlightened to the reason. A friend of mine who is far more versed in film history than me has told me that he took this role as part of his attempt to move over to more serious and non-comedic roles (see The Majestic, Number 23, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind). He was concerned that as he got older he would loses the elasticity in his face, which he considered part of his appeal.

Any way, you like the film, I don't. Its all subjective I guess.

"Gary, it's burning, what we gonna do"
-Bill Bailey
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