Singer/actress apologizes to ignoramuses who owe HER an apology
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05-06-2013, 04:52 PM
RE: Singer/actress apologizes to ignoramuses who owe HER an apology
(05-06-2013 04:17 PM)Impulse Wrote:  I said you're one joke is in poor taste.
You replied "joking = bad".

I said it's bigotry I don't like.
You replied "so you don't like jokes".

I pointed out the reading comprehension issue in that reply since that isn't what I said at all.
You replied, "according to you about 90 percent of all jokes and all comedians are bigoted" and asked if I'm trying to impress people here by pretending to be against jokes.

I pointed out 4 things factually wrong with that reply.
You asked who my favorite comedians are.

Not even once have you replied to a single thing that I actually said, but now you want me to answer your question... Drinking Beverage

Here's my equally indirect, but more relevant answer:
My issue is with YOUR joke. Your ONE joke. In THIS thread. When you try to generalize that to all jokes, most jokes, comedians, even all YOUR jokes, or anything else, it IS a change of subject from the point I was making. And, aside from all this nonsense, the thread subject is about a celebrity who is being made to feel like shit by some fans and some family members who themselves should be made to feel like shit, but aren't. Somehow, in your twisted brain, that was an opportunity to try to be "funny". It's about as appropriate as cracking a joke at a funeral.

Now I think we've derailed this thread long enough so I'll ignore any more responses you have about this tangent.

Thats what I thought, you and everyone knows that comedians and jokes are not designed to raise any serious issue or comment, the purpose of a joke is the joke itself, not as some sinister serious attack on people. You tried to play church lady and it failed. You won't mention the names of comedians you like because...THE COMEDIANS YOU LIKE DO THE SAME FUCKING KINDS OF JOKES THAT I SAID IN THIS THREAD. You can stop being a church lady and being a hypocrite now.

Drinking Beverage
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