Situation before the Big Bang
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30-05-2013, 10:56 AM
RE: Situation before the Big Bang
I personally see time as infinite, both forwards and backwards, and not dependent upon a confine [even mathmatics]. Some say that "there was no time before the big bang", but for me, that doesn't make sense. There was just "nothing in motion" for time to be measured against, . . . but time would have still had a measurement.

I [also] personally don't subscribe to the "nothing before the big bang". I see more probability in an expanding, collapsing, expanding, collapsing type of scenario.
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31-05-2013, 01:43 PM
RE: Situation before the Big Bang
I have an idea maybe that the world is a multiverse , but how the first universe appeared ? For those who will understand my idea :

1.Membrane (M-theory) :

2.Multiverse :

3.Possible world :

4.Shape of the Universe :

5.String theory :

I think that the time maybe always existed but why ?
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31-05-2013, 07:33 PM
RE: Situation before the Big Bang
Time is an artifact of our way of perceiving the universe. Or maybe it's a simple dimension. Or, as they say, it is what keeps everything from happening at once.

So we say time is what separates events (ie the distance between them on some sort of scale - hence the dimension/coordinate description). Of course, that depends on relative motions (and deformation of spacetime). But if the universe is expanding it must have originated at a single point (if, under a further assumption, this behaviour has not changed!); the big bang. That is to say, a singularity - a point at which what we know of physics no longer applies, as in a black hole - or physics equivalent of the black hole's drunken uncle, the white hole. Our increasing knowledge of increasingly high-energy physics (LHC!) lets us try to understand things going back further and further to that point, but actually getting there is impossible (an out of context quote: "Limits are very important").

And so, in that sense it makes no sense to discuss time as something comprehensible before that. Insofar as there is a 'before', dependent as the notion is on a conventional definition of time... You see the problem?

As to why THAT should be - well, that's where it gets a bit out there. String theory, particularly the quasi-unified M-theory, describes a multiverse (which IS steady-state - kind of) in which certain interactions would result in a (macroscopically and/or dominantly four-dimensional) singularity that could expand into something a lot like what we call 'the' universe (which is, of course, no longer 'universal' under this model).

So, asking "what was the universe before the big bang" - it's like asking "what were you before you were conceived". It fundamentally doesn't make sense as a question. The best answer is along the lines of "something for which there is a non-zero possibility of it arising", but even that's fuzzy.

And, just like the other question: if someone DOES have a firm, solid, simple answer - it's probably religious, and it's probably horseshit.
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31-05-2013, 07:36 PM
RE: Situation before the Big Bang
(26-05-2013 03:06 PM)FYAstronomy Wrote:  ...
I hope to explore these thoughts and ideas at university this fall. I am awaiting the approval/rejection of my application to the physics program of a college a mere hour away from our home...

Good luck! Physics is great. I speak from experience.
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17-06-2013, 10:25 AM
RE: Situation before the Big Bang
As far as what existed "before the BB" I've been tossing around my own hypothesis based on Einsteins E=MC^2 and work being done at CERN. It hinges on quark gluon plasma and what is believed to have been the conditions at the end of the inflationary period (10^-33 - 10^-32 seconds after BB). The readers digest explanaition of my thought is that rather than a "Big Bang" so to speak, it may have been a result of a eh hem, "Big Collision" comparable to the PbPb experiments conducted at CERN.

Further reading:

"Now I don't want to be sane either, but I'm just saying there may be other delusions and hallucinations worthy of consideration before jumping to an irrational conclusion, that's all."
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