Poll: How do you keep cool hot nights
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Wrap self in wet sheets? 6.67% 1 6.67%
Play cool music? 0% 0 0%
Sleep out doors? 0% 0 0%
Leave A/C on? 26.67% 4 26.67%
Take some sleeping pills? 0% 0 0%
Utilize a fan? 40.00% 6 40.00%
Other? 26.67% 4 26.67%
Total 15 votes 100%
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Sleeping well on hot nights.
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21-03-2013, 07:04 AM
RE: Sleeping well on hot nights.
(13-03-2013 11:56 AM)FSM_scot Wrote:  
(13-03-2013 07:41 AM)frankiej Wrote:  That is very true. Although, it is a scorching 6C here in Broughty Ferry right now, but it was -5C last night. Anyway, I'm about to go out to get some sun. Smile I'm not even joking about that. Tongue

First bit of sun and its shorts on, tap aff. Big Grin
Yup, that is certainly the way it is. Tongue

I'm going to an anime convention next month, and my cosplay requires me to wear shorts and no sleeves... if I was from somewhere else, I probably wouldn't be able to cope with the cold whilst wearing such an outfit.

Frankie de la Cunto
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21-03-2013, 07:27 AM
RE: Sleeping well on hot nights.
(12-03-2013 04:11 PM)Mr Woof Wrote:  Here in Melbourne we have just experienced our longest continual hot spell on record.
Sleeping has been tough and any good tips would be appreciated.
As an Australian, I must say:

I know that feel, bro.

As a South Australian, I must say: Suckit!

For hot nights, I usually employ a fan on full-blast and an open window, circulates the fresh, cool night air.

I'd never do anything like the wet sheets thing (or anything involving water) on hot nights; it just makes you overall feel hotter probably.
That is not to say that I have not been tempted to put my pillows in a fridge. Nice cool pillow is one of the best things I have ever experienced in this world so far.

The people closely associated with the namesake of female canines are suffering from a nondescript form of lunacy.
"Anti-environmentalism is like standing in front of a forest and going 'quick kill them they're coming right for us!'" - Jake Farr-Wharton, The Imaginary Friend Show.
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